2 months old baby

Question: plzzz hel me m goin in depression for ma body shape... ma baby is two months 4 days... n i m 67kg.. but i was 56 before pregnancy n was thin by ma tummy... but nw tummy is literally makin me pissed nw... plzzz help me hw to get rid out of it... everyone started sayin me moti... n its makin mr depressed... but d major part is i had gone thru csec... so doc hv said no to do exercise

2 Answers
Answer: plz dont ever worry about such people...its a great thing that you have given birth...people might talk..when yo can bear labour pain n give birth to lil love..i am sure yo are strong enough to overcome such depressing thought...offcourse initially yo will gain weight, tats the sign tat your baby is going to be healthy...breast feeding 20 minutes will help yo reduce weight...n also eating diet food...automatically things will change gradually..i am sure yo be more beautiful as your child grows
Answer: hey plz dnt get depressed..atleast not now when u r going through motherhood.you have to take care for your baby in this phase.let people talk.Enjoy ur motherhood to the peak..