6 weeks pregnant mother

Heavy bleeding with back pain in 4 week pregnancy . Is it mean that misscarriage ?

Hi dear, I am sorry to say,it could be a miscarriage.since bleeding is never normal in pregnancy.mild spotting or brown discharge is still ok,but heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage.kindly talk to your doctor soon regarding this.
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Question: 6th week,heavy bleeding without clots.wht this mean
Answer: Hiif the flow is very heavy than please immediately consult to your Dr also if it is little it can be implatation bleeding which can happen when fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the utwrus. But in either of the cases tou should consult to tour dr
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Question: there is no cardiac activity in 11 week and bleeding starts and cramp in stomach ...is it a misscarriage
Answer: It's very unfortunate dear that you have to go through this incident. Kindly consult your doctor so that she can ensure that its a proper miscarriage, many a times part of embryo can remain in uterus causing trouble in future. May you have all the strength to endure this pain.
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Question: Is it ok for bigger burps..and heavy stomach with mild pain in 5 month pregnancy
Answer: What food are you on?sometimes even hormonal changes cause excess gas which might even cause pain
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