30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Heard normal delievery is painful. how much pain we hav to undergo? is it far above than bearable?

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Answer: hey....definitely normal pain is very painful and is the best way to give birth.. It is unbearable pain which women take to give birth to a little baby... U need to be mentally prepared for it... take care
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Question: I have bearable pain in ma vagina while lying more than 1 month? Is it normal?
Answer: hi it is normal this is a stretching pain there is nothing to worry however you can try doing hot water compression if required or you can just sit down on the bed and keep your legs straight up with the pillow below your legs this will also help to give you some relief
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Question: how painful is labour ? is it bearable if we have control over it ? mom's please describe.. thanks..
Answer: Yes.. its bearable. U have to confident. Its like heavy period pain not more than that. Even our moms gave birth to dozens of child. Think about it. God gave strength to each mom to deliver a baby. Don't think about pain think about ur baby and pray god to give strength. Don't scream during labour pain. It decrease your energy level. Because u need more energy to push your baby. out. Walk regularly to ease the labour. Don't get tensed. It increases bp level which affect your baby. I didn't scream or cry during my labour. It makes labour ease and my little one come to this world within 15min. So be prepared. Be bold and have strength.
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Question: Is c- section more pain full than normal delievery
Answer: Normal delivery is painfull but only few hours,but c sectin is not more painfull but till the end of life u vl get back pain.normal is gud for health
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