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health talk about personal hygine

Hi dear, Personal hygiene plays a very important role in our lives.especially when one trying to conceive.there is a great risk of catching infection when one is sexually active.and unprotected sex is one such concern.maintaining hygiene could help one prevent any sexually transmitted diseases, urinary infection etc.not only women even men needs to maintain a hygiene sex,you must clean the private parts thoroughly.even in those days when women have watery discharges,using panty liners would help to a great extent to keep the area clean and dry.during periods one must ensure to change the pads in every three hours depending on the flow.usung public toilets when traveling could be really risky.niw a days you get sand and pee products which are helpful in avoiding urinary tract infections caused by using public toilets.other than that, choosing innerwares too makes a great impact in hygiene.always use cotton fabric wares which are not too tight.wash your innerwares daily and rinse it with antiseptic liquids daily.
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