14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Headache on right side only nd high palpitations 120 p min

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Answer: Hi,you seem to be quiet stressed out What is the problem.are you going thru some stress Please relax Take deep breath Drink lot of water Take some rest. You will be fine
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    Arshu Koul1008 days ago


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Question: Today from evening i'm suffering from headache only right side whats d reason of half headache?
Answer: Hello dear when you dont take enough water or when you dont sleep well or hunger are the reasons for headache. Drink more water and eat healthy foods. Sleep atleast 8 hours a day. This will cure you and also take warm water this will also soothe rhe pain kindly dont take any medicine.
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Question: Which ia norml nd which is high nd low bp in both left nd right side ....
Answer: Hello dear. A normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm Hg and below. Readings below 90/60 mm Hg indicate low blood pressure, or hypotension. Readings above 140/90 mm Hg in pregnancy indicate highblood pressure, or hypertension. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having severe headache only right side...pls advise
Answer: Hello, It can be migraine. Some times stress and anxiety trigger migraine. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Have some good sleep and drink tea.
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