1 months old baby

Question: he is 22days only

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Answer: please complete your query
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Question: My baby is 11months and 22days old.he is not getting weight he is only 7.5kg . its normal? Give some idea for weight gain
Answer: He is little less give good food Early HoursStart the day of your child with a cup of full cream milk. Breakfast For breakfast the parents can give any of the following things to their child.½ cup cooked Dalia.½ or 1 stuffed parantha with a stuffing of vegetables or paneer.½ cup suji upma.½ or 1 small cheela stuffed with vegetables to give it a colorful look.1 small idli.Poha .Brunch For brunch parents can give their children a cup of juice or a bowl of fruit chat. Lunch Lunch should include all the important nutrient rich dishes. For lunch the parents can give any of the following things.1/2 cup daal with a chapatti or ½ cup rice.½ cup vegetable biryani.¼ cup of daal, a small chapatti and some seasonal vegetables.Any paneer based veggie with a chapatti or ½ bowl of rice .Snacks You can give your child a small bowl of fruit salad or a cup of vegetable soup or a glass of milkshake of your child’s favorite fruit or you can make fruit smoothies .Dinner For dinner you should give your child something light and easy to digest food. Following is the list of dishes that you can give your child.½ cup vegetable khichri with curd.½ cup of soya granules along with a chapatti and some veggie.Dosa with chutney and sambhar.Vegetable cutlets.A small vegetable pizza.Aloo parantha with butter or curd. Here are some pointers that you can keep in mind regarding your baby's diet. Remember it is an important stage of development, so take extra care of your baby's diet.  Start giving him new food but only one at a time and see if your child likes it and is not allergic to it.Do not give your child things like popcorns or nuts which have chances of choking the food pipe.Instead of breast feeding start giving your child whole milk so that it fulfils the need of fats in his body.Feed your child 5-6 times a day in small proportions.Give him different things to it so that he develops taste for all the things and enjoy eating them.Do not give your child soft drinks, chocolates or any such thing that would make him addictive and harm him as these things contain harmful chemicals.Encourage your child to eat fruits. Seasonal fruits are very healthy and nutritious.
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Question: My baby is 5 months 22days old. He sweats alot. Is there anything to worry
Answer: ​Babies, in general, sweat a lot. This is because of the prematurity of their sweat glands. Babies’ sweat glands - just like every aspect of their body - are not yet mature. As your baby grows, these glands mature and will in turn lead to lesser sweating. ​Newborn is only sweating on the head. We're sure you've noticed that already. That's because the only active sweat glands in your newborn is found on the head. It is pretty common for your newborn to sweat a lot when she's feeling hot. ​Your environment has a lot to do about it also. A room that is always too hot or even too humid can make your baby sweat. And over bundling your baby in these conditions can cause sweating and even becomes a risk factor for your baby. ​An underlying condition is also a common cause. If your child has an infection, (e.g. Urinary Tract Infection, Wound infection, Respiratory Tract Infection, or something else) she will have symptoms that will lead to sweating. ​Major diseases and underlying illnesses can also be a huge factor that causes major sweating. However, in addition to sweating, you should also be diligent in checking other symptoms as well before you judge if your child has an actual disease-causing the profuse sweating ​Night time sweating is very common in certain cases. When you wrap your baby too much, then it can cause your baby to overheat. Since your baby has very limited movements, you'll notice that she'll more than likely wake up in the same position your put her in. This can also cause overheating because the reason why we toss and turn at night is mainly because we feel hot and our body is looking for a way to cool down.
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Question: My baby is 22days he is sleeping whole day and wakes up only to feed! Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,yes this is normal small babies sleep for around till 18 hours.they wake up only for feed it to get freshened.so don't worry
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