8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: HCG level is down to 3069 in 7th week as per LMP. As per ultrasound I am on 5th week. Spotting is also happening. Any suggestions?

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Answer: Please consult doctor as soon as possible
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Question: I am in my 7th week as per lmp, but I have no feelings like vomiting and all, is it ok or I am having some problem?
Answer: It is completely normal. Every pregnancy is different. Few ladies don't have any morning sickness, vomiting sensation anything at all. You are one of those lucky ones. So enjoy your time as they might or might not start at some point of time.
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Question: Hello madam, according to, LMP I am 18 week pregnant but in ultrasound it shows 17 week, what to do? Is there any problem?
Answer: Dear there is not any problems. This 2 week difference is due to conceive days. In ultrasound baby age will be count whn baby attach to uterus .
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Question: As per my ultrasound report I am 8 week 1 day today but as per my LMP I am 8 week 6 days. There is a difference of 5 days. Which one to follow and is more accurate.
Answer: Ultrasound report depends upon the baby's crl(crown to rump length). Crl decides the days of baby.
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