33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Having too many cramps and swelling in my right palm. What can i do ? Sensation is becominh less in the palm

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Answer: During pregnancy there is a huge change of getting carple tunnel syndrome ....as I went with the same ....to get some relief use splint for it hand that will ease ur tingling and pain ...as u can't go with any medication ....and don't worry after delivery it will back to normal
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Question: I'm in 32nd week.. I'm having hand swelling.. My fingers and palm are swelling for past few days is tat normal and what should I do to decrease..
Answer: Hi Yes it is normal during pregnancy Swelling in your hands are due to increase in blood volume during pregnancy to meet the growing needs of your body Have a hand massage to encourage better blood circulation and hence help with swelling Put your hand under cool water it shall enable better blood circulation and shall help with swelling as well Squeeze in some stress ball it would relax the muscles and help with the swelling as well
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Question: Having extreme cramps in my right legs...what to do??
Answer: Hello dear, I had same problem in my pregnancy. I used to have severe cramps in my legs. It was so severe that I cold not even sleep, felt restless. I asked my doctor, she told me rbat this due to increase body weight, center of gravity shifs and the pressure comes to you legs which causes cramps.
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Question: Having too much swelling and pain from the endogest (progesterone) injections! What can i do about this?
Answer: Rub with ice cube..actually immediately if u rub after injectipn it will give effect..even now u can do that
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