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Question: Having small blood like clot in urine plz tell me what to do

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Answer: Visit to dr don't wait it's not safe
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Question: Baby passing red colour urine n blood small clot
Answer: Hi dear.... Check your baby's urine routine examination and urine culture... It can be due to urinary tract infection... Avoid using diaper or switch to cloth diaper Change diaper every 3-4 hourly even if it's not wet Consult with your doctor and get antibiotics
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Question: Small Blood clot during 5 week pregnancy
Answer: If it's a clot consult with your gynac doctor first she might suggest you some medicine dear don't worry take more rest don't lift heavy materials avoid standing for more time take rest
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Question: my baby is having small small like pimples on her face what to do
Answer: Its die to summer n heat out... dust him with baby prickly powder.... n change his clothe 3 or 4times... n wear him loose clothes...
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