19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Having sex at this time is safe or not??

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Answer: No during pregnancy sex should not be done as it cause uterine contractions and cause bleeding or cause complications in pregnancy and delivery so it is advised to avoid sex during pregnancy.
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Question: This time sex is safe or not?
Answer: Hi dear it is not safe to have sex during early weeks of pregnancy and if you have normal pregnancy without any complication then doing intercourse in second trimester can be safe. But never draftsex as it can cause vaginal bleeding and in extreme cases miscarriage. Also your husband should use condom to avoid chances suggestion infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: At this stage having sex is safe or unsafe
Answer: Hello dear If your pregnancy is normal that means if you are not having any kind of complications in your pregnancy like bleeding in early pregnancy or placenta low lying or heavy lower abdominal cramps or risk of premature labour. If these are not present then u can have sex otherwise u should not
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Question: Is sex at this time is safe?
Answer: I don't think so this is Ur last stage of pregnancy you should have to take a gap couple of months. In this situation sex is harmful for baby .
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