26 weeks pregnant mother

having lot of mood swings....cant control my anger on small things in 6th month of pregnancy. i knw it will harm my baby...but wht to do

Mood swings during pregnancy are common & can be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism & hormones. So it is important to understand you are not alone; mood swings are just another aspect of the pregnancy experience. Following tips might help you to keep you calm & your stress level at bay – • Get plenty of sleep • Take a break during the day to relax • Get regular physical activity • Eat well • Spend time with your partner • Go for a walk • Try pregnancy yoga class or meditation * Get a massage
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Question: I am 32weeks pregnant and because of my mood swings I cried a lot in last week's,will it harm my babies health??
Answer: Don't worry..past is past Now try to be happy..wnever you feel low,think about your baby,,see some online stuff for your child,, listen to music Indulge in activity you love..and above all Don't cry you are gonna be a mummy soon,and your body is doing wonders,so feel proud and stay happy
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Question: Hi doctor. I have lot of mood swings and tend to cry for pity things. Does it affect my baby in anyway, m 3 months pregnant
Answer: Hello Many women suffer from depression during pregnancy it's also a mood disorder. The major reason for this feeling is due to the harmonal changes in ur body during pregnancy the symptoms could be too much sleep sadness loneliness no self worth. U lose interest in activities u usually enjoy anxiety guilt.the reasons can be relationship problems infertility treatments stressful events or situations. This can have an effect on the baby. Babies born to depressed mothers are less active less attention and are agitated. The best treatment is surround urself with friends or a support group. dress up well and try having fun time. Go out for a walk exercise the endorphins will help with your mood eat chocolate. Get therapy.
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Question: I m on 11 weeks pregnancy... having mood swings...just dont know what to do?
Answer: Hello dear. Mood changes during pregnancy can be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism, or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It would settle down gradually. Always have a positive mind and try being happy. Take care.
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