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Question: Have thyroid an taking 50 mg but for two months i have stopped taking tablets it will be effect my pergancy ???

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Answer: Hi dear . Pls follow dr advice properly . I don't know whether you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy . But in both case it will affect . If u r pregnant and not taking tablet you may get abnormal child . Thyroid will affect nervous system . And if you r planning for pregnancy and not taking tablet . You may find difficult in getting pregnant . So pls follow dr advice properly. All the best .
Answer: Hi dear, Why did you stopped thyroid medication? You must take it would effect your pregnancy,if the TSH levels are high.please start your medication soon.and check your TSH levels your doctor and decide the right dose too.
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Question: I have thyroid is it ok in pregnancy. I'm taking 50 mg tyroxin from two years
Answer: Hello, Dear high TSH do effect pregnancy but if you take your medication properly then it will be controlled and will not do any harm. So dont worry but yes you do need to check your TSH level frequently to keep check on its level and do consult with your doctor and take your medication on time..
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Question: I have thyroid 3.6 & am pregnant for 6 months...I am taking tablets of 50 still I can't make it to normal...what foods to eat???
Answer: U can eat every thing except cabagge couliflour and coconut related items
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Question: I had thyroid in pregnancy but not stopped taking tablets , will breastfeeding baby get thyroid
Answer: Better to check once.. Even i got thyroid during pregnancy.. It was told to check for my baby after delivery.. And i took medicine for two months.. After testing again i have stopped taking medicine
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Question: I am 2nd month pregnant, I have pregnancy thyroid, but I am not taking tablets it will effect baby
Answer: Hello ! If you are detected with thyroid it is very important to have medicine . As if it is not controlled can lead to miscarriage or preterm birth also .
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