12 months old baby

Question: Have any baby went unresponsive during fever for few minutes... Like a mild seizure!!

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Answer: Hello dear. If that has happened you will have to consult doctor as that is not normal. It could be happening due to extremely high fever so please see the doctor immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: Sudden sharp pain for a few minutes in my stomach
Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like a round ligament pain.there are two ligaments that holds uterus.it is usually short ligaments and once the Pregnancy progresses,it stretches too much,hence sudden movements would give such pains.donot worry.it should subside in some time.so better to move around slowly....
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Question: Stomach pain for few minutes
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry about the pain as it is normal to have pain in pregnancy. The pain can be due to gas which is very common in pregnancy. U don't need to worry but if u see that pain is severe then better is to consult the doctor.
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Question: When I go motion after that I feel like burning for few minutes
Answer: Hi dear, that happens when eat more spicy food or outside food. So don't worry. Don't eat spicy food. Cook food with less spices. Then the problem will be solved.
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Question: Mild discomfort or very feeble pain.. I can not tell surely, but it appears for few minutes and vanishes.. And reappears after a while
Answer: It's normal increases in later months n with weight gain
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