33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hamara bp 90/130 is it normal

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Answer: Normal bp reading is below 120/80. Although some doctors prefer to see reading lower than 115/75. Prehypertension occurs when the blood pressure reading is between 121/80 and 139/89. High bp is defined as anything above 140/90.
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    Sri Karuna721 days ago

    k is it normal r high

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Question: Is 130/90 bp normal?
Answer: It is OK, but control ur BP, otherwise it will exceed in upcoming days.... Ml don't eat much salty and spicy foods, control ur BP as much as possible otherwise it will harm u and ur baby...
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Question: My bp is 90/130, is it normal?
Answer: Its slightly reaching higher level dr Watch on ur salt intake monitor your b.p still if it increases consult ur doctor Rest well
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Question: My bp is 130/90 is it normal...
Answer: Hiit is slightly on the higher side.you should maintain your diet to control the BP Avoid salty food.have plain nuts instead of salty nuts,have less if salt in your food.avoid processed food and food that has preservatives. Take walks too this will help.
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Question: My bp is 130/90 is it normal
Answer: your BP is just likely higher than the normal range. You have to control your salt intake and your ghee and oils. It is only little high so you donate medicines for it
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