2 years old baby

Question: Hallo.my twins r2yr5mnt.12kg birth wt 2kg&2kg600.plz give a food chart

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Answer: Hi dear , babies weight is absolutely fine and healthy and here is a diet chart which can help you; Morning Dalia – MondayStuffed parantha with vegetables – TuesdayOats cooked in milk – WednesdayMixed Veg Dosa – ThursdayCheela stuffed with vegetables – FridayIdlis/wheat halwa – SaturdayVegetable Poha – Sunday Mid morning snack A cup of juice, a bowl of fruits or a boiled egg. Lunch Lunch should comprise of all important nutrient rich dishes.Dal with chapatti/rice and veggie with curd – MondaySimple vegetable biryani and curd – TuesdayDal with chapatti and seasonal vegetables and curd – WednesdayPaneer (cottage cheese) curry with chapatti/rice – ThursdayLight chicken curry with chapatti/rice – FridayFish curry with rice – SaturdayVeg pulao and curd– Sunday Evening snack Vegetable soup/milkshake made from your child’s favourite fruit/fruit smoothies Dinner Offer something light and easy to digest food for dinner.Vegetable khichri – Monday.Pumpkin khichri with rice – TuesdayDosa with sambhar – WednesdayChicken soup and bread – ThursdayA small vegetable pizza made with a wheat flour base – FridayStuffed aloo parantha with butter – SaturdayRice and mixed daal – Sunday Ypu can add or skip anything of your wish.
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    Ajanta Bhattacharya890 days ago

    Thank you for helping

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Answer: Hello dear... This is the vaccination chart for babies,hope it might be helpful for you... Birth-BCG,OPV 0,Hep-B 1 6 weeks-DTwP 1,IPV ,Hep-B 2,Hib 1,Rotavirus 1,PCV 1 10 weeks-DTwP 2,IPV 2,Hib 2,Rotavirus 2 ,PCV 2 14 weeks-DTwP 3,IPV 3,Hib 3,Rotavirus 3 ,PCV 3 6 months- OPV 1, Hep-B 3 9 months- OPV 2, MMR 1 9-12 months- Typhoid Conjugate vaccine 12 months- Hep-A 1 15 months-MMR 2,Varicella 1 16-18 months- PCV Booster,DTwP B1/DTaP B1,IPV B1,Hib B1 18 months-Hep-A 2 2 years-Typhoid Booster 4 -6 years- DTwP B2/DTaP B2,OPV 3,Varicella 2,Typhoid Booster, 10- 12 years-Tdap/Td,HPV
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Answer: By now your baby has tasted most of the things so bits easier to plan his meals. Practice this method- list down all the ingredients that he has tasted and is available with you under categories such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy, complex carbs, fats, proteins etc. Once the list is prepared just pull out 2 3 ingredients to make dinner. You can make khichadi,soup, roasted veggies, pasta, upma, idli, mashed vegetables etc.
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