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Question: Hallo....i have a I want a boy baby....any tips..??

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Answer: Hello dear i can understand your feelings but really sorry as there is no such method to conceive a boy or a girl. It all depends on chromosomes of people involved  If X and X meet then girl  If X and Y meet then boy Hope for healthy baby. 
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Question: We have a baby girl who has been completed 5 years in aug. We want a boy. Is there have any tips to conceive a baby boy
Answer: It is not in your hands darling. Neither in your husband's. God decides and decrees and we all know what He chooses for us is always the best. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy
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Question: I want to conceive a baby boy....any tips ?
Answer: Hie Would say give chinese calender a try have heard from many that it is accurate
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Question: First i have baby boy ... Now i want baby girl
Answer: Hi dear, Gender of the baby is decided by male chromosome.though it is random process of mixing of chromosomes,only when X chromosome of male joins with X of female,baby girl is born.else Y of male when joins with X of female ,baby boy is born.its simple science.notjing else could be done.
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