28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hallo I am 20 weeks pregnant..... My doctor suggest me scan bt usg doctor tell me that to come after two weeks because baby is small for scan......... Is this matter of worried???? Please tell me........

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Answer: No it's no big matter to worry. Usg doctor know that when it is correct time to scan. And 5month scan is more important than any other
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Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant I went to scan but baby is found but heartbeat is not seen yet come after 10days said doctor is there any chance of heartbeat seen after ten days please tell me I m worried
Answer: Hi dear, I hope all is well in another 10 days.at times when you conceive late in cycle,you may experience some growth lag in baby,may be due to which heart beat is not detected yet.though you still have time to wait.so let's hope for the best.
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Question: I am 30 weeks pregnant feeling small quntity of watery like discharge please tell me doctor is this normal
Answer: Hi dear.. little discharge is common... If u feel smell or irritation u need to consult your doc.. drink more water.. also check if the liquid discharge is happening continuously without knowing, it might be AFI.. take care
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant. After scan my doctor told me that my AFI is 19.5 doctor advice for sugar test. Is this AFI is harmful for my baby? How i control this AFI. Please help me.
Answer: Afi range is 8-18...afi above 25is a little risky however 19.5is fine...mostly afi level drops in 3rd trimester...u shud keep a control on ur sugar level...
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