18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hairs ko steam de skte hai kya 5 month pregnency me??

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Answer: aapko avoid krna chahiye...Exposure to hot steam increases a pregnant woman’s body temperature. To try to cool it down again, vessels near the surface of the skin dilate or expand to dissipate excess body heat by sweating. The heart needs to work harder to pump blood to the skin surface faster, which can quickly cause dehydration and overheating. But the heart is also supplying oxygen to the developing fetus. High heat from a sauna or steam room could place an extreme burden on the mother’s heart and circulation at a time when her heart is already working hard.
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Question: baby ko halka cold hai to use normal steam de skte hai
Answer: Aap steam de sakti hai saath hi kuch aur Baato ka khayal rakhia Lots of rest Fighting an infection takes energy and can wear a child out. When your child's resting, he's healing. And that's exactly what he needs to do. Steamy air Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath is very relaxing, too. Have a humidifier or a cool-mist vaporizer going at night and during naps and playtime in the bedroom. Let a hot shower run for several minutes. Then give your child a warm bath or just sit with her in the steamy bathroom Saline drops and a bulb syringe Drops clear the nose when kids are too young to blow their nose. Tip your child's head back and squeeze two or three saline drops into each nostril to thin and loosen the mucus. Try to keep his head still afterward for 15 to 30 seconds. Squeeze the bulb of the syringe, then gently insert the rubber tip into his nostril. Gently close off the other nostril with your finger. Slowly release the bulb to collect mucus and saline solution. Remove the syringe and squeeze the bulb to expel the mucus into a tissue. Wipe the syringe and repeat with the other nostril. Repeat procedure if needed.
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Question: Kya hum 5 month old baby Ko Nestle milk powder de skte hai
Answer: Hello Dear Aapko apne baby ko kam se kam 6months tak apna hi feed dena chahiye.Breast milk se accha kuch nahi hai 6months tak ke baccho ke lie. Breastmilk main bahut nutrients paaye jaate jo ki bacche Ki needs ko pura karte hain,Baby ko 6th months tak paani bbi nahi diya jata kyunki Breastmilk 88,% water hi hai.
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Question: 5 month baby ko coconut water de skte he kya
Answer: Hello No u cannot give anything to a baby other than breast milk or formula milk till the babies 6 months old. The baby cannot digest anything rite now as the digestive system is not ready for anything but milk.
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