10 months old baby

Question: hair my baby 10 months old baby girl .shi 's wait is only 6 kg plz tell me some sajection

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Answer: 10 months me 6 kgs bhot kam weight hai dear. apko mai diet chart suggets kar rahi hu wiase khilayein baby ko, The diet : Ragi porridge, ragi and nuts porridge, ragi apple kheer, ragi banana kheer, ragi halwa, ragi pancakes, ragi idli, daliya, daliya with apple and banana porridge, apple kheer, banana shake, chiku, papaya, pumpkin, carrot, watermelon purée, sooji upma, sooji kheer, sooji apple banana porridge, sooji pancakes, banana pancakes, white egg, makhana kheer, veggie khichdi, vegetable soup includes tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach, beetroot, potato, sweet potatoes, onion , ginger, bottle gourd, etc Ragi dosa, sooji dosa, 1 egg, chicken soup, Zukini, boiled veggies, teething biscuit, soup sticks, cheese wraps, curd rice, rabdi , etc
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Question: Plz tell me food chart for my baby girl,she is 6 months old now.
Answer: Hii...start giving one meal per day in the first week and gradually increase it..start by giving rice porridge..coz it doesn't cause any allergy..gradually increase by giving lentils, fruits and vegetables..keep in mind to follow 3 day rule..that is wait for 3 days until u introduce a new food to ur baby..it helps u find the allergic portion of ur baby.. always mash the food without any lumps to prevent choking..
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Question: My baby s 10 months old.. but she s only 7.5 kg.. please suggest me how to increase her weight
Answer: Hi.. Weight is just a number. As far as the baby is active and cheerful and achieving all her milestones..there is nothing to worry.Try adding butter, ghee, to your toddler's food.Give baby potatoes, sweet potato, eggs, banana Daily. You can also give grated cheese in pasta and other preparation. Some great sources of proteins for weight and muscle gaining are eggs, milk, banana, potatoes desi ghee, cheese etc.
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Question: My baby is 4 months old. His wait 6 kg now is it ok..? Or he wants to gain more wait..plz tell me
Answer: Hi dear don't worry your baby's weight is normal so I don't need to worry about baby's weight for babies below 6 month only food we should give his breast milk it helps baby to gain weight and also it helps baby to increase the immune system so feed your baby frequently as a feeding mother you should take more healthy and nutritious food
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