13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hair fall please find me remedy

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Answer: Hello .. Dear in pregnancy,hairfall is normal, many hair will go to resting phase, so follow these remedies... Have a nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, dryfruits, can include curry leaves in diet Drink more water Don't skip folic acid, calcium tablet You can also use homemade herbal oil, can also use a pack of greengram, it is protein rich, will help in preventing hairfall
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Question: Please suggest few of Hair fall Remedy for Mummy ?
Answer: Hi dear , normally hair fall reduces or comes back to normal after about 6-12 months of delivery. Meanwhile you can try some of the easy remedies like massaging with cocunut oil and keeping it atleast for 1 hr before washing your hair . Even olive oil and lemon juice with egg on the scalp helps stop hairfall. other than than methi seeds water can be applied on scalp. More important eat healthy food and you should be able to control the hair fall soon.
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Question: home remedy. for hair fall
Answer: Hair fall is normal after pregnancy and during pregnancy. After delivery body become weak and during pregnancy hormones play a important role. To prevent hair fall take healthy diet. Drink coconut water daily. Green vegetables are very good. Fresh veggies have lots of iron, vitamins. Using tight rubber bands, clips, rollers, weavers or tying your hair tightly in a braid or ponytail can stretch your hair causing stress and pressure on your scalp. You noticed how beautiful your hair and skin felt while you were on a healthy pregnancy diet. Vegetables and nuts are not only healthy that protect hair follicles. Take supplements like Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Vitamins E and C and biotin. These will boost hair growth and also prevent hair fall to a large extent. Make oil at home -- warm coconut oil, put some fresh curry leaves , 1 spoon kalonji, 1 spoon methi fry them till brown. After that let it cool stain it and use 3 days in a week.
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Question: Hi I am 2 weeks pregnant.. I already started having hair fall. Please suggest me a remedy which will stip hair fall and is also pregnancy safe
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is a common problem, therefore, do not worry. You do lot of oiling using almond oil or olive oil. Do not apply any chemical based products from the market.
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Question: Suffering from postpartum hair fall remedy plz....
Answer: Hello... Dear hairfall after delivery is common,happens due to harmonal changes, stress, dehydration, so follow these remedies... Have a nutrious diet, with lot of fruits and veggies, include curry leaves in your diet Don't skip folic acid tablet Have a handful of dryfruits daily You can use homemade herbsl oil, will control hairfall, and can make hairpack made of green gram ,weekly once,will give you thick hair
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