3 years old baby

Question: Hair fall and dandruff problem.... Plz tell what should I do

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Answer: Hi dear u use castor oil and olive oil mix to apply on hair for 1 hour and then wash with mild shampoo. This is good for hair fall. For dandruff u can massage ur head with lemon and coconut oil mix and let it overnite. U can wash with shampoo next day it will cure dandruff. Also make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water and eat balanced diet contiaNing green vegetables as main affect ia depending on ur diet.
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Question: For dandruff and hair fall what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear, For dandruff you could boil coconut oil with methi seeds.use this oil throughout your pregnancy period.you could apply curd with half lemon juice and apply this pack once a week and wash it off with shampoo.try oiling twice a week.in this winter season ,scalp gets dry too soon and flaky.so try moisturizing your scalp with oil regularly.
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant and facing hair fall problem what should I do?
Answer: Hello dear... Many women faces hair fall during pregnancy, because many hair will go to resting phase,but it is a temparary condition,it will get back after some time,you should also have healthy diet to meet all nutrients needed,t Have a nutritious diet,with lot of fruits and vegetables,include more curry leaves in your diet,will stop hair fall,can sun-dried curry leaves into powder and can be mixed in soups,sabji.. Drink curry leaves,Amla juice three days in a week Take your folic acid tablet regularly Have apricots, almond,figs,raisins regularly, it will give you voluminous hair Hair pack Soak green gram two spoon with one spoon of fenugreek, overnight,make paste next-day and apply in your hair,and leave it for thirty minutes and wash,use this pack next day after your head wash,it will stop hairfall Hair oil Heat half litre of coconut oil with curry leaves,Amla, fenugreek,aloe Vera,little pepper,onion and allow it to boil for twenty minutes,til it raw smell goes,use ts hair oil regularly, it will reduce hair fall
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Question: Plz tell me What should i do for hair fall of my baby her hair very thin?
Answer: Coconut oil is the best hair oil dear. Try to get natural hair oil and heat it a little apply on baby hair. Dont shampoo often
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