10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hai.... 9week pregnent women. ... how many times mothers horlicks shall i drink per day.....

3 Answers
Answer: As it increases the baby weight its better not to have at this time.
Answer: atleast twice a day..
Answer: Daily one time
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Question: Shall I drink mothers horlicks now?
Answer: Yes, you can.. It is filled with nutrients, but, still inform your gynaecologist about your gynaecologist, as she is aware of all your reports..
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Question: Hai. Shall I drink mothers horlicks?
Answer: Yes you can add any health drink in your milk during pregnancy but Idli better to add building powder on protein powder which especially format for pregnant women. I used to take Pro PL Protein powder for pregnant women during pregnancy. Hope it will help.
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Question: I m 17 weeks pregnant,how many times a day I can take mothers horlicks
Answer: Dear if your weight is less then take it twice a day.. But your weight is so much then take it once in a day... But your weight is if toooo much then don't take it..
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