15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai ..recently I got my nt scan done..scan shows nasal bone is less echogenic.. doctor said again take scan after 3weeks..I'm worrying about this .what to do..

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Answer: I hope you NT Result is normal then don't worry. Sometimes This can happen due to slow growth in early. It will be better to repeat the scan after couple of weeks to check nasal bone. By this week you can take a double Marker test and if the report come normal then just relax don't worry.
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    Sahithya Sai44 days ago

    Thanks for answering..but double marker test is to be done before 14 weeks..one doctor said..what to do

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Question: Anyone undergo amniocentesis test ? Please reply me as nasal bone is not seen in my NT scan doctor suggest me to do this . Please anybody help me
Answer: Nasal bone appears like a dot in 3rd month scan . Ln some cases it not appears in scan at 3rd month. On 5th month scan u will see Nasal bone clearly. Amniocentesis is not safe at these weeks. Suggest u can do scan 2 weeks later to check Nasal bone of ur baby.
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Question: Hello. M 12 week pregnant today was my nt scan test but dr said no nasal. Bone seen it is possible after on week nasal. Bone cann showm in scan m worried plzz help
Answer: Dear during NT -scan if Baby face was not clearly visible then might be nasal bone can’t be visible. right time for nt scan will be around 13 weeks. now nasal bone is visible . no need to worry now
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Question: Hello Doctor. I'm in my 20th week and my Anomaly scan says there's an echogenic focus in the left ventrical. What can be done about this.
Answer: Don’t worry dear . This is a common finding in anomaly scan. This is just a calcium deposit . It will be fade away in next scan.
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