4 months old baby

Question: Hai. My son is 4 month and 4 days old, during this summer season my mom tell me to give water. Shall i give water or breast milk is ok for him. He passing urine more than 8 times a day..

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Answer: Hi dear please do not offer water to your 4 months old baby your baby needs only and only breast milk if you think that it is summer and you need to keep the baby hydrated please have as much as water you can drink to keep the baby hydrated, water is not suggested for your baby till the time he completes 6 months or 180 days of his life.. Hope this helps!
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    s gowthami60 days ago

    Ok mam thanks a lot...

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Question: My baby passing urine more than 15 times day is this normal
Answer: Hi dear ,don't worry ..ur baby is perfectly healthy ......bowel movements are happening ......very normally ......try to keep the urinal area clean aways ,wipe with cloth ,apply baby powder that doesn't contain talc ,so that area remins dry ,tc
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Question: Can i give water for my 4 month old baby in summer season? She has passed little urine in summer day. I have breast feeding.. Pls suggest..
Answer: Hello, u can give 1 spoon nicely boiled and cooled water to ur baby, it will help in digestion process. I'm giving to my baby.
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Question: My son is 4 month old , due to summer he is passing urine only 6times a day .is it normal,? How to make him to pass urine
Answer: If he is four month and paasing only 6 times, is he taking his milk properly? Or you should take him to the doc. Couse he has to do more then 6
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