7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai my last period was on 27 oct till now i didnt get period wen should i do pregnancy test

Answer: Dear you can do the pregnancy test in morning tomorrow with first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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    Vindya Rani72 days ago

    K thank you

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Question: My last period was on oct 27 till now i didnt get period i have done home pregnancy test but it is negative, now what should i do whether i have ti wait or consult a doctor
Answer: Hi Dear! In my opinion you need to consult your Dr. becz no periods in entire Nov and test result is negative few days plus minus is common but this more than 40 days now, its important to knw the reason of irregularity.. It can be Thyroid. It can be PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) It can much stress Too much weight gain/loss Increase of prolactin hormone. Good luck!
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Question: My period was last month 20..since i didnt get next period till now..am planing for next baby..wen i supose to do pregnancy test
Answer: You should do the test right now.. One can do the pregnancy test after a day or two of their period date incase of skip the period.n now it's more than a month so u should check out. If result is positive then congratulations else there might be some hormonal disbalance, in any case after the test go n meet the doctor.
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Question: My last period was on 14 aug. And usually my period cycle is of 25 days. And till now i didnt got my periods. We were trying for pregnancy. What should i do now??wen shud i do the test?
Answer: It was a typo ,,, my last period was on 14 july,,, please advise,,,
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