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Question: last month period were is 7 September. .I am usually having 32 days of cycle....could you please tellme about my ovalation date and fertile period...

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Answer: Since you have 32 day cycle, your ovulation may be on 24th September. Though, you are most fertile from 18th September to 25th September. Keep trying. All the best
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Question: My period cycle is of 32 days and my periods last for 7 days...when will be my fertile days
Answer: It can occur btw 11-21 day of your cycle you can have intercourse alternate days during this period to get pregnant. Alternative you can use ovulation strips during this period to get an accurate ovulation date.
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Question: My last period date is oct 30 i am having 30 cycle fertile period for me
Answer: Your fertility period will start from 11th Nov .... All the best ....
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Question: Hi... My periods were due on 15th September. I had my last periods on 10 of August. From last 7 to 8 months i am having 35 Days period cycle. I m trying to get pregnant. This month I did not get my period. I have done pregnancy test twice but that also turned up negative... What could be the possible reason? Please guide..
Answer: Dear reasons could be many but without proper check up nothing can be told. It has already been more than 10 days since you have missed your periods. I would suggest please consult your gynae and get her consultation. Hope it helps.
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Question: How can I know my fertile days my period cycle is not regular I often have my periods after 5 to 7 days of my last date
Answer: Hi dear Your ovulation starts from your 10th day of the date from when you got periods..intercourse from 10th day of periods till 18th day will lead for pregnancy...and take care after 18th day avoid travels and spicy foods and do avoid lifting weights Though irregular periods your ovulation counts starts from the day you get your periods
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