2 months old baby

Question: Hai..my brest milk is not sufficient to my baby .she is 3 months..i tried to drink formula also but she is not drinking so plse give me a any suggestions...

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Answer: Shatavari granules is best product for increasing breastmilk
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Question: My daughter is 3 months old..my breastmlik s in sufficient for her so doctor told me to give formula milk for extra feed..but after drinking formula milkshe doesn't like 2 drink breastmilk... Any suggestions plz
Answer: Hi dear. Sometimes babies will refuse to drink breast milk. This is called a nursing strike. It will last for upto 10 days. In these days, express your Breast milk and feed it to the baby. If you were feeding in a bottle previously, now feed with a sipper sup or spoon. This will not satisfy the baby's sucking urge. If you were giving pacifier to the baby, give it a rest until this sucking urge ends.. when the baby doesn't get anything to satisfy her sucking her urge, she will return to the breasts
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Question: My son is not drinking any liquids except water What should i do to drink milk ??? I tried formula milk and cow milk to drink but he is not drinking Mother milk is not sufficient
Answer: Hi dear , he is now 10 months so let the baby start semi solids or pureed foods now.. don't give milk more than 3 times which could be breastmilk or at best formula.. cow milk after a year is ok and not now as it's difficult to digest.. hole you have started with foods for baby as that's essential at this stage.. fruits , vegetable , khicdi , daliya , regular rice sabji that you eat or stuff like idli , upma etc.. small qty is essential to start with .
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Question: Doctor for me breast milk not coming properly so i will giving to my baby formula milk but now she not latching my breast so give me any suggestion pls she is drinking only formula milk pls help me
Answer: Make powder of jeera(cumin seeds) 100 gm with mishri powder 100gm....take this one tbsp 3 times a day with milk....u will notice a great change...breast milk supply will increase...nd massage gently ur bresats with castor oil daily 2 times....allow ur baby to feed more on ur milk...automatically milk will cm wen baby will suck...nd it will take a few time to make him habitual how to suck...but dont stress urself....it will really be helpful...gud luck
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