10 months old baby

Question: Hai my baby is 10 months old.....mrng to eveng she is normal....at night her smotach is very tight.....so she feel uncomfortable...and also she will start to crying till at mrng.....plz give me suggestions.....

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Answer: Hi dear may be ur baby is getting gas and it is happening due to dat only. First strictly avoid giving anything gassy food to baby at night. Do avoid giving daal curd cauliflower cabbage in dinner. Give porridge made of oats or ragi. Do massage ur baby before sleeping. U can also apply hing watwr paste in baby navel to release gas. Make sure to give dinner atleast 1 hour before sleeping. By these ways gas will not happen and baby will sleep nicely.
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    sonam sehgal123 days ago

    Let her play some tummy time before sleeping

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Question: Hai my baby is 10 months old......at night time her stomach is very tight....she feel uncomfortable...so she started crying till mrng....and she had rice and rasam only taken of night....then how form gas....plz give me suggestions...
Answer: Dear rice and Rasam both can cause gas to the baby so please don't give rice at night..also apply some hing mixed with water on baby's tummy and do some hot compress on the tummy that will give relief to the baby.
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Question: My baby is 2.5 months old, she is crying so much at night n awaking whole night till 5 a.m. Her sleeping hours is only 10-12 hrs...is it normal?? When her shedual will be normal??
Answer: burp her after each feeding.......use diaper at night keep room temp. normal for baby cover her properly....
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Question: My baby is 2 months 6 days old. She hardly sleeps during day time. Having very unsound sleep and is scared. Most of time keeps her fjsts tight. At night also i have to keep the cradle moving to make her sleep. She starts crying suddenly and always wants that we keep shaking her. Plz suggest how to give her good sleep
Answer: Hello, Very common in all babies not to sleep on day.First of all u need to have patience.two months baby are so small to adjust in the nature they cannot understand day time night time. some things are depends on parents.Take 15 minutes to calm baby in the room before putting baby down to sleep.To settle baby to a drowsy state, read a book in the dim room.Rock her to drowsiness.Feed if it is feed time.
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