2 months old baby

Question: Hai. My baby is 53 days old. Can i give him water along with the breast milk.

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Answer: Hi! No please do not offer anything other than breast milk to the baby if you think that your baby should drink water please ensure that you are having lots and lots of water since your breast feeding your baby and can pass on the benefit through breast milk only.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Till 6 month u should not give anything apart from your breast milk.
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Question: Hi.. my baby is 22 days old..can we give him formula milk along with breast milk ??
Answer: Breast milk is the best option for babies at least first 6 months. BM protect babies from infection. But if you want to give formula milk then you have to ask with your doctor first
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Question: Hello all My baby is 18 days old, can I give formula milk along with breast milk or I should only give breast milk till 6 months
Answer: Pls give only breast milk for 6 months.. not even water.. do not listen anyone.. just give your milk for 6 months.. if you sont have milk then pls consider Doc.. if you have milk kindly give only your milk for 6 months.. not to have spicy foods for 6 months.. it's good for you and your baby health..
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Question: My baby is 21 days old....can I give her lactogen along with milk
Answer: Hello! Yes, lactogen can be given to the baby. But if the baby is having cow milk then in such case please stop giving it as it is not good for babies below 12 months. Take care
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