6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai. Mujhe harr ek smell se vommit aane lagti hai, even after drinking water also I'm vomiting. What to do

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Answer: Vomit is normal in 1st trimister,you should take medicines for vomiting after consulting ur doctor
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Question: I'm getting vomiting always even if iam drinking water also. How I can get relaxment from vomiting
Answer: Hello dear...nausea, vomiting , tiredness are common in pregnancy,it can be stopped by following these steps Have breakfast, within a hour of wake-up ,it will reduce morning sickness,and vomiting Always have fruits after meal,it will give you more strength and stamina Drink lemon juice,with salt,sugar it will reduce vomitting For vomiting,you can drink buttermilk,tender coconut,cumin water ,ajwan water it will helps a lot Avoid oily,spicy food,and packed items too,it will cause indigestion
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Question: In 10th week I'm vomitting after consuming food. Also after consuming milk I vommit. Should I stop drinking milk?
Answer: Vomiting is common in first trimester. Some mom's may have aversions to specific food smells also. You may try to add flavours like mother's Horlicks in milk, so that the raw smell of milk doesn't make you vomit. If it still doesnt help, then its ok, you can have it when you enter 2nd trimester. However it is important to stay hydrated especially bcoz you vomit frequently, if you can't drink water try tender coconut water/lemon juice/buttermilk etc. Also eat small quantities of food in small intervals of time. Don't worry, this tendency will come down once you enter 2nd trimester. Take care!
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Question: my wife is getting vomiting after every meal she takes... and even after drinking water aswell
Answer: Your stomach that works to digest the food but in pregnancy the hormone progesterone starts relaxing and passes the stomach acid for easily and irritate. Hormones also slow down digestion, causing for less stomach acids to be produced. 1. A glass of water with a tsp of fresh lemon juice with honey. 2. Boil a glass of water with a small piece of ginger for 10-15 min and have it throughout the day. 3. Coconut water empty stomach early morning. 4. Chew fennel seeds after every meal. 5. Buttermilk works well. 6. 4 litres of water daily 7. Have some peppermint 8. Yogurt or a glass of milk can also relief heartburn. 9. Try to avoid eating a couple hours before bed or a nap 10. Walk twice daily to helps in maintaining easy bowel movements.
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Question: I'm feeling vomiting sensation I can't even to drink a water too. What can I do??
Answer: It is normal... even though you have to eat and drink water because it will go to your baby ...if you eat some food will be reach your baby and little food comes in vomit
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