10 months old baby

Question: Hai mommies, please suggest some good food recipes for my 10month old daughter... TIA

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Answer: Hi! Your 10 months old baby should be slowly transitioning to normal food and hv wht you eat as a family with all varieties and texture, i wud also request you to check the Home page of your app to hv some idea on the food that you can offer.. and few suggestions are; Early Morning Milk.. Breakfast: Oats Porridge with nuts powder Aloo Paratha Roti with ghee Whole wheat bread toast Rawa upma Fruit salad Lunch: Curd Rice Spinach rice with fish Tomato Rice with chicken Peas pulao with veggies curry Daal-Rice with okra fry Quinoa Dinner; Roti with veg curry Oats with veggies Banana Oats pan cake Rawa halwa Kheer roti with either honey or jaggery small spoon These are the options to offer and check his hunger cues and offer snacks in between.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Tell me some food recipes for my 10month old baby..
Answer: Hello dear. Let me give you a few recepies for your 10 month old baby: Breastmillk or formula plus Pureed fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apples. Pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes. Small amounts of curds. You can include soft noodles, rice and soft bread. To serve extra protein you can give nuts and dried fruits. Make sure your baby is not allergic to nuts. Take care.
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Question: Suggest good food recipes for my two year old son
Answer: Hi dear, there are many good food recipes that we can give to baby. Actully at 2 year age baby is grown enough and can eat and digest all kind of food. So you should offer all food that you eat but the spices should be very less. You can give Khichdi to baby . All you have to do is boil the rice with moong daal in pressure cooker and then offer it to baby with desi ghee on it. Baby will love the taste and texture of it. You can give paneer ka pakoda or bhurji to baby . Baby will love it and its a good finger food Stuffed parantha is also a healthy diet option for baby. Suji and atte ka halwa made in desi ghee is also a healthy option for baby. But dear dont stick to any particular food and make sure to give different fruits , vegetables and pulses to baby for healthy weight gain..
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Question: Please suggest me some baby food recipes for my 8 months old baby
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 8 months old Dear when ur baby gets up give breast feed after 2 hours give fruits purees as Apple puree,mashed banana ,chikoo puree ,mango puree ,avocado puree,papaya puree ,dates puree .as fruits r rich in natural vitamin nd minerals .after in lunch give mong dal soup .rice water .sooji wit milk .sooji sheera , aata sheera,Ragi porridge , cerelac ,mashed rice ,curd sweet potato puree or halwa ,nd after that in evening guve bf .in 8 pm give dinner as sooji kheer ,rice kheer ,Makhana kheer ,sevai kheer ,sabudana kheer. try it make sure that milk should be pre boiled nd presuriesed . Try it
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