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Question: Hai mam this is manjeshwari I am seriously fed up of try for a baby now my age is 37 mam I had a hope that I will conceive because 40 th day of periods today I got my periods I realy don't know Wat to do😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

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Question: My periods started on 24 th jan of this is 4 th day...plz let me know which are the best days to conceive ?
Answer:Β Hi dear,Β  great that u r planning for baby some quick tips might help. The maximum number of chances to get pregnant is ovulation period is happen right after 10 days of ur Imp and lasts up to 5-6 days. Now a days there are many kinds of ovulation kit available in the market to know to better results u can try them and follow the steps written on it. Also u need to keep ur diet healthy and be stress free as stress is the main reason of infertility. So all the best take care!Β 
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Question: Hello mam.. I am 26 yrs old and always have regular periods and my average period cycle is 28 days. We are trying to conceive and this month my periods got delayed by 5 days and today is 33th day of my cycle and I thought I got pregnant bt now I spot some bleeding I don't know what is happening to me
Answer:Β Spotting is common in pregnancy during the first trimester. Your spotting at this time may be implantation bleeding. Wait a few more days and do a home pregnancy test if your spotting didn't turn to a full blown normal period. Wishing you all the best!
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Question: Hi i dont know what happened today to my little boy.i breastfeed him he went to sleep again got up in a minut a again starts feeding.this happened for last 3 hours.dont know whether seriously he is hungry or what
Answer:Β It could be growth spurt, baby need more milk during this time!
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