3 months old baby

Question: Hai mam I have 4 months baby she is getting white marks on her face is it any problem

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Answer: Hi White patches r due to seaaonal so dear apply coconut oil or breast milk on patches as both r natural moisturizer nd have healing properties too try it nd if its not goes within 15 20 days then consult to ur dr he ll suggest u calcium drops give it to baby according to ur drs prescripation as some times white patches r due to calcium defency too .try ill
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Question: Hii all mothers please help my baby get rashes on her face her skin getting rough n small grains arrived on her face what should I do
Answer: Stop using powder if u r using.... And check with the soap... Change to Himalaya baby soap... Or baby dive is also Nice... Skip with powder.
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Question: My 4 months old baby having white spots on her face.....pz help to remove the spots
Answer: Pls consult dr immediately..you can take risk with baby..it may some infection..
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Question: Hello mam My baby is 4 month 11 days old.. she keeps on licking her fingers and hand.. is it because she is hungry ?.. even after feeding she puts her fingers into her mouth.. is it because she is not getting enough milk ?
Answer: This habit begins from her womb. They will stop his own dont worry
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