35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii muje puchna hai ki kese pta chlega ko normal discharge hai ya water break hua hai kuch smj nhi aa rha hai

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Answer: hello.. dear aapka discharge ka colour bhee change ho jayega aur thick white discharge hoga One to four weeks before labor Your Baby “Drops” that means your stomach gets down close to vagina. Your cervix, too, is starting to prepare for birth , It starts to open and thin out in the days or weeks before you deliver. You Feel More Cramps And Increased Back Pain your joints becomes looser. you have diarrhea you stop gaining weight. you feel extra tired The hours before labor starts Your Vaginal Discharge Changes Color And Consistency your water breaks.
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Question: White discharge or water break mai kaise difference kare...kaise pta kare ki wet discharge se h ya water break se ..i m so confused
Answer: Hi dear...The easiest way to determine if it is your water or water broken is to put on clean, dry underwear and a pad or panty liner. Then you'll want to lie down for about half an hour. If the fluid is amniotic fluid, it will pool or gather in the vagina while you lie down. Take care
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Question: kuch white jelly sa discharge nikl rha h kya water bag break hua h
Answer: It is your mucus plug that generally keeps intact during complete pregnancy. You have started losing it so there are 80% chances of your delivery now. You might feel a water break anytime. These are signs of labour, but you must also feel pain, are you feeling any labour pain? Pain in back and lower abdomen, it will be a recurrent strong pain, it will keep coming every 1/2 an hour or so initially. You must visit your gynae as you can deliver anytime now. All the best! Take care
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Question: Water break hua hai ye kaise pata chalta hai? Agar water break drop by drop hua hai to ye kaise pata chalega ki wo water break hua hai ya phir wo hamara normal vaginal discharge hai?
Answer: Vo continue drip hoga apko, bcoz urine stop ho jayega but yeh contiously hota rahega, uske baad bleeding shuru ho jayegaa, so immediately go to hospital nai to infection ho sakta hai baby ko
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