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Question: Hai... Im five week pregnant past two days i have two three drops spotting (brown color) i consult a doctor also done blood test and scanning urine test everything atlast doctor said that beta-HCG count low mine 908.38 normally for 4-5 weeks its want to reach 1000 to 50000 he said that your pregnancy is not yet confirmed so do one more blood test after two days.. really im worried i informed to my parents and relatives dnt know what to do please give some suggestions

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Answer: The HCG levels in your report is slightly low for 6 wks pregnancy.. that's why your doctor has asked for a blood test. So u hv to wait dear, can't do anything else. Do the blood test and hope for the best.. u may have to repeat blood rising HCG level is an indicator of pregnancy..but again it depends what your first report says. You can later go for ultrasound scan if having doubt.
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Question: Hi i confirmed my pregnancy last week.... Doctor asked to take blood count,glucose test and was a fasting blood sugar came as 98 which my doctor says should be 90 but its 98 she said....and asked to eat chapati and reduce carbs....i m 5 weeks and is this level risk for me and my baby?
Answer: Congratulations U should do whatever ur doc told u ... Keep calm and happy ... Take care
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Question: Hcg level in first blood test was 72.85 after 48 hrs it has increased to 217.but Doctor Who did vaginal scanning said that sac is not gyno doctor said and mentioned it may be ectopic pregnancy.. N gave some medicine and asked to do scanning after 20 it is my first experience n I don't have much knowledge regarding confused
Answer: Hi dear, Have you mentioned the last menstrual period date correctly?as it shows 14 weeks pregnant.i got my transvaginal scan done at 6 th week and similar thing happened.i waited for two.lore weeks and rescanned.everything including baby heart beat was detected.your HCG levels have doubled which is a good sign.give another weeks time and get another scan done.looks like the hormone level needs to rise enough to show the presence of gestational sac.i won't confirm the ectopic now.
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Question: My anomaly scan done everything is normal but in babys heart two white spots are so that scanning doctor suggested to do double mark (quadruple) test. After that i shown same reports to my gynacology doctor she said that test not needed it is normal. After some times that spots wil disapper, if you want to do that test then you can... Now i am confused dat i should do the test or not. Please suggest me.
Answer: Hello dear. An echogenic intracardiac focus (or EIF) is a small bright spot seen on a developing baby's heart during anultrasound. The cause of EIF is unknown, but the condition is generally harmless. EIF is considered a normal pregnancy variation, but prenatal screening tests may be desirable to test for any abnormalities. Hope it helps.
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