37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai I'm 36 weeks pregnant.im suffering with pelvic pain only while im turning sides at nyt nd while gettuping at morning.this is common prblm.there is any remedy to reduce pain.

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Answer: These are common problem for pregnant women. Do some back exercises like bridgeing,pelvic lift,walking This will help you.
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Question: Hai I'm 34 weeks pregnent and i am facing pelvic pain while getting up from bed and turning sides while sleeping is it normal during pregnancy?
Answer: I too had that, today only asked my gyno and she told me , it's completely normal during the later stages of pregnancy. Baby ll move towards lower abdomen during 9 months and it put pressure on ur pubic bone. If it's not bearable consult ur doc once. But it's normal.
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Question: Is pain at pelvic bone common at 21 weeks? Heard it is common only just before labour. is anything alarming??
Answer: Pelvic bone pain in pregnancy is fairly common through out pregnancy. in pregnancy, the hormone relax in causes the pelvis, particularly at the pubic bone, to loosen. In general, this is a good thing as it makes birth easier for mother and baby. Pain happens in particular, getting out of bed, sitting and standing time. Avoid situations that cause pain. It is best to avoid standing for long periods of time. Heat can be a source of pain relief. Use a warm rice sock or hot water bottle on the pelvic area. This is perfectly safe. Some exercise can help. ask your doctor and do some exercise.
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Question: I'm 7months pregnant. while turning sides feel pain around vagina for second..is it normal??
Answer: Yea cmpltly normal evn i m sufferin from same situation ye is liye bcz baby pressure pdhta h na
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