7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai I m 11 weeks pregnant according to my lmp but in scan report it shows only 6 weeks. Is this any kind of problem? Pls reply

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Answer: Sme time scn date result shw wrng .its also hapn with me
Answer: No. Doctors usually consider the date of scan report
Answer: Pls consult your gynaecologist..
Answer: Consult ur dr
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Question: my nt scan report shows 1.05mm according to 11 weeks 3 days. it is normal or not please reply
Answer: Hello! As per the reading, it is nothing to worry as it is absolutely normal. Take care
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Question: According to scanning i m 6 week pregnant..but my lmp shows 9 week it happens?
Answer: Doctors consider pregnancy from your lmp, its possible that u conceived much later so u r 6 weeks pregnant but in medical terms u r 9 week as per ur lmp
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Question: According to my lmp..it shows 6 weeks 6 days and as per my tvs scan, it shows 4 weeks 3 days.is this condition normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.if you had late conception,then there could be delay or mismatch in pregnancy date.but it's fine as initial growth would have such lag.later on it should pick up.not to worry.
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Question: Am in 8th week of pregnancy according to my lmp.....but ultrasound scan says am only 6 week pregnant...is there any problem?????
Answer: Hello, scanning takes the exact date of conception which is correct nothing to worry about. You can go as per your scanning date.
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