37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hai I'm 37 week pregnt... baby movement goes on increase day by day....it means labour is near......???

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Answer: Some people say so that when baby movement increases it's almost time for delivery but there is no credibility to this statement.
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Question: 37 week pregnant n baby movement is more in down...this means baby head is upper... I'm confused
Answer: Hi I am just sharing the info that I heard.. after 35th week.. baby will be well grown so the water level also got reduced.. baby found less space to move on... So no worries on baby's movement. If you still want to check, drink some hot water or something which is warm,you can find some movement. Hope it will help you
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Question: In 37 week of pregnancy i feel continuous movement of fetal and also feel sometimes it goes down is it a symbol of labour
Answer: Hello! No dear, this is not the sign of labor. It is common in pregnancy. For labor the baby needs to enter the pelvic region. You will be able to see your baby bump drop a bit. Will suggest you to walk a lot and stay fit. This will help you a lot. Take care
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Question: Baby head at brim means! Or does it means delivery is near by?
Answer: Baby's head in brim means that the baby's head has moved down into the pelvis and is ready for delivery it can take any time to deliver the baby from few days to 2 weeks you should eat papaya and pineapple at this time
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