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Question: Hai i m in 11 week pregnant. Today i have back hip pain.i don't know why. Pls tell me why i have that pain

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Answer: Hello dear... Back pain is normal in pregnancy,it happens due to harmone changes, and loosening of pelvic muscles to prepare for child birth,you can follow these steps it may help.. Maintain a good posture to sit and split your body weight equally to thigh it will help alot You can massage your back with pain relieving ointment,and take warm bath You can also make an ice pack by tying four or five ice cubes in a cloth or bag and massage in your back will helps in controlling the pain or you can dip soft cotton towel in lukewarm water and give compress will also give better releif Use maternity pillow behind back ind your back,to sit ,it will relieve the pain Do maternity yoga ,those possess will relieve you from back pain
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    arul kasthuri654 days ago

    Thanks a lot bcs i was worried about my pain. thanks a lot

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Question: Mam I have severe back pain hip pain.i am 6 week pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Back pain at early stages could be due to surge in pregnancy hormones.it helps in relaxing the pelvic bones so as to help the uterus expand easily pushing neighboring organs.you can help yourself by following the below tips: 1- maintain a good posture 2- keep yourself active,never sit or stand in one place for long 3-hot and cold compress works to relax the muscles 4- donot lift heavy objects,which could strain your back 5- always bend after folding your knees 6- sleep in your sides 7- check your calcium and vitamin D levels 8- wear comfortable shoes or slippers.avoid heals.
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Answer: Yes lower back pain is common, just take a pillow on the back while sitting in a chair
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