10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai I have a question now am 3rd month pregnant. My mind thoughts became very different am feeling very alone and feeling crying inside is dis type of behavior do effect my baby inside my womb?

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Answer: Consult ur doctor immediately it sometimes causes any small infection in baby's stomach plz take care of ur baby dnt neglect in consulting ur doctor
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Question: I am facing sleeping disorders from 3-4 days. When i am trying to sleep various thoughts coming to my mind. Feeling very depressed. I am staying alone. What should i do? Will it affect my baby?
Answer: Sleep is more important to relax yourself and relieve any stresses. Drink warm milk before going to bed. Listen to mild and soft music. If u believe in God then keep saying some mantras when u r trying to sleep.
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Question: Does negative thoughts of mother affect d baby during pregnancy? As dis is my first pregnancy i am very tense nd a lots of negative thought flattering around my mind.
Answer: Yes it does affect ur baby ND also it has some effect on ur delivery...so relax ND avoid tension...do breathing exercises...u will feel better....best of luck..
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Question: Hello mam i have low lying placenta..since morning i am feeling restlessness and bad thoughts are coming in my mind..what will i do
Answer: Hiii dear..me also having low lying placenta..dont worry about that when baby starts to increase the weight it will automatically goes upwards..so simple thing is take rest dont travel eat ll...
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Question: I am 5th month pregnant now gor 3rd month onwards am crying a lot because of some reasons.how it will effect the baby
Answer: No dear it will not affect ur baby but try to avoid crying this time it will affect ur health. This is the time for ur child so think about ur child only.try to avoid all the things which make u feel upset
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