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Question: Hai i am 30 yrs old .. i was aborted 2 months before because of pcod problem plz help me to get pregenancy

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Answer: Hi dear, I am extremely sorry for your loss! No matter what stay positive and do not loose miscarriage your body undergoes lot lot of it is better to wait atleast 6 months before you try again.make sure all your tests like thyroid and hormone levels are normal.your Body mass index normal too.keep your body and mind relaxed and stay can definitely conceive normally. PCOD is a life style based syndrome.usually women find quite difficult to conceive woth PCOD.they are prone to get diabetes and bp issues too.but with proper diet and lifestyle change you can definitely get pregnant and have easy delivery.include active lifestyle by exercising whole grains,complex carbs like brown rice,whole wheat flour,oats,quinoa.protein rich diet would make sure you have slow rise in sugar.lesa salt in diet could help control high bp.consult your doctor before planning for pregnancy.
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Question: I m 5 months pregnant.but before that I had pcod because of which I get pimples on my face back n there any solution for this problem
Answer: Hi dear u should take a bath with neem water and apply pack made of turmeric and milk. It will relive ur pimples as it is antiseptic and cooling.
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Question: I have problem of irragular periods and also my weight gain. I have issues in conceiving. Pls help me. I have problem of pcod. Before 6 months.
Answer: Has the pcod cured now?are y having regular periods now?if yes u should keep a track on your menstrual cycle and the day you have should try conceiving from about 4 days before before ovulation daily....
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Question: Periods are irregular.marriage was last year . I got aborted on 2 months..I had pcod. I am now planning to have baby
Answer: I'm suffering with Pcod from 9 years and irregular periods. From 6 years i have got periods only 5 or 6 times... but i am pregnant now and my baby is healthy. I am 31weeks pregnant
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