31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai i am 31 weeks pregnant am feeling some discomfort in stomach & pelvic area & sometimes little pain in the stomach

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Answer: It's common in this time. Ur pelvic is paining because baby head is getting fixed for delivery so. Don't worry
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Question: Hi am 27 weeks pregnant sometimes i am feeling discomfort in the stomach i.e,very below and sometimes stomach is becoming tight during this some discomfort in the pelvic area plz tell me is this normal
Answer: It is common due to homonal changes in our body during pregnancy discomfortness n pelvic pain (as our uterus is expanding this pain will com)too ..no need to wry..b positive All the best Hope this ans helpful
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Question: Dear dr I am 34 weeks pregnant nowadays I am facing problem of tummy pain and sometimes feeling pain in pelvic area as well.Is everything normal?
Answer: Hi, yes its normal in the last few weeks if the pain gets unbearable plz visit ur doctor
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant.I am feeling some pelvic pain and stomach poking sometimes.Is this normal??
Answer: Hi dear, in early weeks of pregnancy mild pain is normal. But this thing should not last for more than 2-5 minutes continuously. As a continuous continuous hormonal changes is operating in your body and keyboard is also started preparing for the pregnancy you may experience something because of muscle pulling or stretches on ligament. This pain should be go on and off. Drink adequate amount of water and take some rest whenever you feel pain. But if the pain is continuous and more than one day you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Take care. Hope it helps.
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