15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai ...i am married to my relative...Is there any problem to my child after birth?and how to avoid the problems?is there any medicine ???😂😂

Answer: Dear the pregnancy would be as normal as other pregnancies are. There is nothing to be worried because of this factor. Congratulations on ur pregnancy dear. I am sharing some of the tips for a healthy pregnancy are as follows:- 1.) Eat a healthy diet 2.) Aim for healthy snacks. 3.) Drink plenty of water 4.) Aim for the proper amount of weight gain. 5.) Talk to your healthcare provider about safe exercise. 6.) Have regular checkups with your doctor. 7.) Take your prenatal vitamins every day. 8.) Have your doctor monitor your iron levels. 9.) Manage back and pelvic pain. Back and pelvic pain may be more common in a twin pregnancy. If you find yourself in a lot of pain, talk to your doctor. He or she may recommend a physical therapist to help you address back pain. 10.) Watch out for signs of preterm labor.Preterm labor is more common when you're delivering twins. If you notice any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. a.) Bleeding or vaginal discharge can be a sign of preterm labor. b.) You may also start having contractions early. c.) Diarrhea can sometimes signal preterm labor. 11.) Monitor your blood pressure closely 12.) Have certain symptoms evaluated immediately. Rapid weight gain or headaches should be evaluated by your doctor immediately. Hope this helps.
Answer: If you have married a first degree relative then minimum chances of genetic mutations is there which may cause congenital anomalies in the baby. You should get an anomaly scan done at 18 to 20 weeks and you can also get NIPT done for complete chromosomal analysis of the unborn baby. Talk to your doctor about it. There are no medication to avoid such problem. Hope this information is useful to you. All the best.
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Answer: Hi dear if birth is fine and ur baby is normal then nothing to worry at all. Yes dere is a chances if baby do suffer from genetic disorder but it is not necessary.
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Question: Is there any medicine for avoid teething problem
Answer: Hi! No dear, teething is a natural process and its painful.. If your baby does nt want to have solid please provide liquid and lots of breast milk as it works as a soother. Massage the gum of your baby with a cold and clean muslin cloth wrapping in your finger. Give the baby cold teether to suck on. You can give home made fruit popsicles too. Hope this helps!
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