35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hai am 35 weeks pregnant it's my second baby... last week scan they said water level is low..am getting sweat often.doc gave sachet to drink....my first baby is c section.id there chance for normal

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Answer: Hi actually u didn't mention gap between 1st baby nd 2nd pregnancy.... minimum 1 1/2 year gap if u have there is chance to get normal delivery that is also depends on ur health conditions nd baby growth. Drink more water and water melon is very good to improve amniotic fluid try water melon
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Question: I have bicornuate uterus. And placenta is low lying. My first delivery is c section. Is there any chance for normal delivery for second pregnancy.
Answer: hi dear! there can be normal delivery dear but in bicornuate uterus , it will depend of the baby's position dear if the baby is in head down position then you can have a normal delivery dear. so we should see in your last scan the position of the baby and then we can decide the mode of delivery dear. so dont worry but for you there can be a high chance of getting c section again dear. take care dear.
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Question: My 3rd month scan said my baby is normal.. no placenta issues.. everything is normal.. is there any chance for low lying placenta after second trimester?.. or it ll remain normal even in the second trimester?
Answer: Hello dear, if you have no low lying placenta issue in first trimester then, there is no chanches in second and third trimester also. Enjoy ur pregency.... Good luck and take care urself....
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Question: This is my second pregnancy. My first was c section. Is there any chance for normal delivery this time?
Answer: Hi. It depends on how many years back you had c-section. If its been more tgan 3-4 year its possible. But veg8nal delivery also depends on lot mpre factors, like what was the reason of last c section? If nothing major your doctol will do a tolac test in which he would check of your bady is prepared for veginal birth or not. If all woukd be good he can suggest you bormal delivery. Good luck
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