33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai am in my 32 weeks. On my check up doctor said me my amniotic fluid index's range is 7-8 and it should be increased. Is it something to be worried about?? What are the results of this issue?? How can i increase it???

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Answer: yes dear it is low. premature delivery can happen due to low amniotic fluid. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. One of the simplest ways to increase your amniotic fluid is to make sure that you are always hydrated. When you increase the amount of water you have in your body, your amniotic fluid levels will also rise. Drink water throughout the day and try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses at a minimum. Eat fruits that have water contents. A great way to stay hydrated while also getting good nutrients is to eat fruits and vegetables that have high water concentration.
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    shafika balkees669 days ago

    Eat more watermelon and orange dr...it has much water content fruits..

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    samreen khan669 days ago

    fluid kitna hona chahiye

Answer: How to check what is fluid level??
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Question: My amniotic fluid is more than what it should be at this stage. I am 32 weeks pregnant and my fluid is around 20percent whereas the doc said it should be 18. Is it something to worry about?
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,amniotic fluid is the protective barrier or cushion for your baby. Though we never think about it at initial stages of pregnancy,but later stages it becomes an important criteria to detect baby's health. Women with inadequate AFI and women with more AFI are both not normal for sure. More than normal ranges fluid could lead to preterm labor by increasing more pressure build up. It could also be due to few reasons: 1- mother's sugar level out of control 2-baby not swallowing enough fluid 3- baby producing excessive urine 4- swelling up in baby's body with excess fluid 5- genetic reasons Certain complications attached to this is preterm labor and Babies are also more likely to move into positions which aren’t ideal for birth. There are certain treatments for this .you can talk to your doctor if it is really required.
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Question: Am 7th month.... pregnancy doctor told me when i went regular check up... amniotic fluid is low and my sugar levels are Little bit increased on my blood...am fully afraid of it.... please doctor give me suggestion to increase amniotic fluid...is there anything wrong with lower levels of amniotic fluid
Answer: Hi,if your sugar levels are high you should have a healthy diet you should avoid all sugary items Avoid food rich in carbs and starchy food Avoid fried and oily food Avoid processed food and food that has preservatives For low afi you should increase the intake of fluids And take the consultation if your Dr weather you need to take some drips However don't take stress Take care
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Question: Hi.. Today I had my 36 weeks scan... Doctor said amniotic fluid is less.. Iam having 7-8 amniotic fluid.. Is this any serious issue?? She gave me protein powder to drink with milk daily 3 times
Answer: hi dear! so normally the amniotic fluid levels is suppose to be 10-14 dear and yours is low. so intake of protein will help you to increase the fluid so do take them . there is nothing to worry . normally as you approach delivery , the fluid can decrease and it can decrease also when the water breaks. so dont worry dear. take care
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