36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai am 35 weeks pregnant my fetel baby weight is 2300 grams its good. Otherwise pls tell me how to improve my baby weight

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Answer: Hello dear, your baby is slightly underweight as at 35 weeks of pregnancy your baby should weigh 2.5-2.6kgs...so... in order to increase the weight of the baby please eat sufficient amount of protein rich foods like eggs, paneer, cheese, chicken, fish.. include butter and ghee in your food... Eating almonds, walnuts, pista, cashew, rajma, beans, white channa, peanuts, fruits like chikku, Banana, butter fruit also helps in increasing the baby's weight...
Answer: Hi dear, It is still in normal level.no need to worry.just keep eating a well balanced diet including lots of protein.which helps to increase baby weight
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Question: 35 weeks scan my baby weight is 2188+/-319 its normal?then how to improve...
Answer: Hi,it should be 2383 GM's You should improve your diet. Have high protein rich diet Have proein shake Have eggs Have milkshakes with extra cream. Have ghee butter and cheese Have all veges an fruits except papaya and pineapple Have oats,whole wheat grain Eat something every two hours Have carbs All this will help
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Question: Haii my tiffa scan completed by 22 weeks in that time baby weight is 370 grams. Pls tell me baby weight is good?? Otherwise pls tell me the best food for baby weight gain..
Answer: Baby weight is less,you can take protien rich diet to increase foetal weight,paneer,pulses,legumes
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Question: Hi mam I am 35 weeks pregnant my baby weight is 2200gms. Is it ok. How to improve baby weight in few days. Pls tell me mam.
Answer: It is ok. U can take protein powder with milk. Eat healthy fruits and veggies, fish eggs
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