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Question: Had stretch and swept and then lost mucus plug.. Now whether i have to do some workouts or i can take rest? Pls suggest..

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Answer: hi if you've lost mucus but then it is equal to the body is getting ready for the prepared for what the labour it is the healthy sign and there is nothing to worry you you did not take any bed rest it is ok if you stay continue to take your works
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    Abi Rajasekar92 days ago

    Tq sis

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Question: Lump of mucus plug lost which was yellowish green in color...when we can expect pain or what to do now...
Answer: Hi, you can expect the delivery in next one week. Not sure about the pain though its not imp that you will get pain for sure. Get consultation from the doctor if you don't get any symptom next week. Hope this helps.
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Question: I have lost my mucus plug and cervix dilated 4 cm and open 2 cm i far i have to wait to see my baby
Answer: Could be sooner or could be another week in your case (39 weeks). No real way of knowing.
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Question: I m 38 + weeks pregnant i have lost my mucus plug yesterday .i m hving mild contraction can i walk or not?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can walk. Howevrr of the contractions has started you may need to see the gynae as soon as possible. Hope it helps.
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