7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Had missed miscarriage in feb so this time planned to convince after follicles study. Will it be successful this time?

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Answer: Hi Don't get disheartened good things take time I would suggest this time before like 1 or better 2 months before planning on concieve consult a gynaclogist and explain her your problem so that she might run tests and sonography to look for problem and suggest you medicine accordingly Certain medications are there that prevent miscarriage at during pregnancy but that can only be administered by gynaecologist post test So be positive you will soon get your good news just don't hurry if you have just had a miscarriage would say take a break and let your body heal and recover for 4 months at least and then consult a gynaclogist and try 2 months post Maintain a healthy diet it would help you heal fast
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Question: I had threatened miscarriage at 7 weeks, Will be to convince normally. When should I start planning again
Answer: Dear you should wait for minimum 3 months and after that you should go for check up and if doctor will give you permission then you can try , otherwise wait for 3 more months.
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Question: Trying to get pregnant for last one year but no luck ..this time hcg is injected ..Will it be successful if we had everything on time?
Answer: Hi dear, So sorry that you have to go through this.there are some unknown things that causes infertility.i have a friend who had similar issue.everytjing seems fine,but not able to conceive.its been 6 years of their marriage,now trying for IVF.i. Not saying you should go for IVF now,try for another six months and take doctor opinion about alternative ways of conception.i am sure by now all your scans and blood tests might have been done .I hope you also know about your ovulation dates.if unsure it's better you get your ovulation kit and track it.that way you would be sure when to have intercourse.take a vacation and be stress free.stress of anything like conceiving etc could also hinder your conception process.ao have a relaxed trip with your partner,no tension of conceiving etc.chill out and come back and plan again .I hope you would be able to conceive..
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Question: In dec i had my period 19 in jan i had it 17 in this feb 20 sometime it happens like that i missed my period for 4 or 5 days after that it will come what is the reason
Answer: Hi dear few days class - in periods is common so if you are getting periods 4 days early or 4 days late is fine but if it is being repeated and if it is happening for a long time then I think you need to see a gynecologist to detect the reason as to why it is happening because if your periods is being delayed there is a problem in the cycle and if your cycle is not on time the ovulation wont be on time either which will hamper your pregnancy planning.. Hope this helps!
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