11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Had brown discharge twice in 11th week,is this normal at 11th week?

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Answer: Brown discharge is not normal. Consult doctor immediately
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Question: Is brown discharge is normal in 11th week
Answer: Hello dear, This is a normal colour change. It happens when the blood is older and not being expelled from the body quickly. Temporary thick heavy flow isn't necessarily a cause for concern. You should worry when it comes red in colour. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Im on my 11th week i have white discharge everyday. But now suddenly i had twice brown discharge is it normal???
Answer: Ho,don't worry ,brown discharge is not allowed.if the discharge is red like bleeding you should inform your Dr. Change your ugs frequently so that you don't develio and allergy or infection Also it would s better to inform your Dr nice so that you are on your safer side
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Question: I have a white and brown discharge everyday. Sometimes, twice in a day. Is this normal? I am 11th week pregnant
Answer: White is ok but brown is not. Consult ur Dr immediately.
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Question: Is brown discharge normal in this week ??
Answer: Hi! Brown discharge spotting or bleeding is never normal in pregnancy if you are experiencing brown discharge please do let ur Dr. know about it sometimes it can be due to sustainability issues and if it is then you doctor my Kutty on progesterone supplements for sometime so that these kind of problems can subside and your pregnancy gets more sustainable .. Hope this helps!
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