5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Had a scan today...it just showed a gestation sac in scan ...dr asked for a repeat scan.i missed my period on 29th nov.

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Answer: Don't worry in the next scan everything will become visible
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    Sumaiya Amin585 days ago

    Thank u..bt the hcg levels r high..dr said

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Question: My lmp was 22 Dec, did a scan on monday (6weeks) and only gestation sac was found. Doctor asked to repeat the scan on 28feb. Is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry. Sometimes, it happens and the heart beat is heard only after 8th week. Please don't worry and go for the rescan as suggested by the doctor. Take care
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Question: My lmp was on 6 June today a us scan showed a foetal sac is it normal to see a foetal sac only
Answer: Hie Yes as you are just 4 week pregnant by 7-8 the week scan you would be able to hear heart beat as well Only in you anomaly scan around 20 week would you be able to see your baby for the first time all developed and moving punching,kicking sucking
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Question: Gestation sac is found in scan but no yolk sac. Doc asked to wait for 10 more days. What does it mean and why did it happen
Answer: Hi No need to worry..it is too earlier for scan as you are just 7 weeks yolk sac and heartbeat ll be mostly able to see only in between 8-10 weeks scan..so just do repeat scan after 2 weeks so that you can find fetus and heartbeat
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Question: Last week I had a scan and it showed an empty gestational sac is it abnormal
Answer: wait for another a week or two.. and scan it again... and hope for the best
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